I Can Walk With God When I Pray

September 26, 2013 in Lessons, Prayer by LDSguy

I Can Walk with God When I Pray

Opening Song: A Child’s Prayer (Children’s Songbook #12) 
Opening Prayer: By Invitation
1.  I Can Learn to Pray like Jesus
a.     Scripture: Matt 6:9 
b.     Picture: Jesus Teaching 
When Jesus lived on the earth, he taught his followers how to pray. Then he prayed with them to set an example for them.
In his prayer, Jesus prayed to Heavenly Father. He used special words to show reverence. He thanked Heavenly Father for the things Heavenly Father had given him. He then asked for other blessings. Some of the blessings he asked for were physical, like food. Others were spiritual, like forgiveness and protection from Satan. Then Jesus said that he only wanted those blessings if that was what Heavenly Father wanted too.
After Jesus finished praying, he reminded the people that Heavenly Father could only bless them with the things they needed if they were kind to others and obeyed the commandments. Jesus set a perfect example of how to pray.

Thought Question: Why do we pray in the name of Jesus Christ?

2.  I Can Pray Always
a.     Scripture: Luke 21:36 
b.     Picture: Boy Praying
The scriptures teach us that we should pray always. This means that instead of praying only at church or only when you really need something, you can pray anywhere you go and anytime you want to.
Sometimes you’ll be in places where it might seem strange to pray. If you feel funny speaking your prayer out loud, you can say the words in your mind instead. This is called a silent prayer, and Heavenly Father will still hear you praying, even if you don’t pray out loud.
We should always have a prayer in our hearts. This means even when you aren’t saying a prayer, you can keep your thoughts and feelings clean and pure so the Spirit can be with you.
If you pray always, you can feel the Spirit all the time. The Spirit will help you make good choices and keep you safe from danger and from bad thoughts or actions.
Thought Question: What kinds of things should you say in your prayers?
3.  Heavenly Father Always Answers My Prayers
a.     Scripture: Luke 2:37 
b.     Picture: Simeon Reverencing the Christ Child
Anna spent her whole life serving in the temple. One time when she was praying, she learned she would see Jesus someday. Anna continued to pray and fast. She looked forward to seeing Jesus for herself.
When Anna was very old, Joseph and Mary brought the baby Jesus to the temple where Anna worked. It had taken a long time for Anna’s prayers to be answered, but she was so grateful and happy to see Jesus. Even though he was only a baby, Anna knew that one day Jesus would save us all from our sins. She told everyone about Jesus and the great works he would do someday.
Sometimes when we pray, we get an answer right away. Other times it takes longer. That doesn’t mean we should stop praying. No matter what, Heavenly Father will always answer your prayers. You just need to have faith that he loves you and knows what is best for you.
Thought Question: What are some ways your prayers have been answered?
4.  I Can Learn to Recognize Personal Revelation
a.     Scripture: 3 Nephi 11:3 
b.     Visual Aid: Your scriptures
Colby’s parents speak different languages. His mom grew up in Brazil, so she speaks Portuguese. His dad served a mission in Germany, so he speaks German. Colby has learned both languages, and he speaks English too. But there’s another language Colby is still learning: the language of the Spirit.
We all need to learn this language so we will know what Heavenly Father wants us to do. When we pray, the Spirit helps us hear and understand the answers Heavenly Father sends us.
Sometimes the Spirit speaks with a warm, peaceful feeling when you’re doing what’s right. Sometimes the Spirit directs you to scriptures that answer your questions. And sometimes the Spirit sends other people to answer your prayers. When you recieve an answer through the Spirit, you are receiving personal revelation.
Thought Question: How can you learn to recognize the language of the Spirit?
Closing Song: Did You Think to Pray (Hymns #140) 
Closing Prayer: By Invitation
Refreshments: Ande’s Mint CookiesAndes Mint Cookies from Favorite Family Recipes
·       3/4 c. butter
·       1 1/2 c. brown sugar
·       2 Tbsp. water
·       1 pkg. semi-sweet chocolate chips
Heat ingredients in a small saucepan until chocolate chips are melted, then add:
·       2 eggs
·       2 1/2 c. flour
·       1 1/4 tsp baking soda
·       1/2 tsp. salt

Shape rounded tablespoons into balls and place on a cookie sheet. Lightly press each ball to flatten. Bake at 350 for 9-11 minutes. Right when removing from the oven, while still hot, place an Ande’s Mint on top of each cookie. When they melt smooth the chocolate evenly over the top. Cool completely before serving.